Nick Bradley Golf Tips

Nick Bradley Golf Tips

Meet Nick Bradley

Originally from London, England, Bradley has lived in the United States since 2005 and brings an impressive resume of coaching, mentoring and developing male and female golfers, from the junior level to major professional champions. He has instructed winners on every major professional tour and has coached players to World No. 1, a pair of World No. 5 rankings, two players to European No. 1 and junior world champions.

During his 25-year career, Bradley has instructed more than 200 PGA and European Tour golf professionals. Presently, Bradley is the director instruction at Traditions Golf Academy at Forest Creek Golf Club in Pinehurst, NC, the No. 1 training academy for juniors in North America.

The CVB has partnered exclusively with Nick Bradley to provide you golf tips to assist you with your own game. These tips touch on every aspect of the game, so watch the videos and learn from one of the finest golf instructors in the world. Then, get ready to visit the Pinehurst, Southern Pines Aberdeen Area to put those lessons to use and have some fun at the Home of American Golf!

Nick Bradley
Golf Tip 1: Positive Swing Thoughts

Nick provides three key and positive swing thoughts for when golfers are faced with a difficult shot.

Positive Swing Thoughts
Nick Bradley
Golf Tip 2: Hitting a Higher Shot

In this golf tip, Nick talks about a simple 100-110 yard wedge shot that at times may not be so simple.

Hitting a Higher Shot
Nick Bradley Putting
Golf Tip 3: Bounce, Bounce Roll

Learn How to set up the bounce, bounce, roll so you can be set up with a more manageable putt.

Bounce, Bounce, Roll
Nick Bradley
Golf Tip 4: Playing a Lob Shot

Get set up correctly, and learn how to swing properly, to get the ball higher.

How to Play a Lob Shot
Golf Tip 5: When Not to Aim at the Hole

Nick Bradley, a renowned golf instructor, shares where you should be aiming when chipping.

When Not to Aim at the Hole
Nick Bradley video 6
Golf Tip 6: Nick Bradley's Pure Roll

A world-renowned golf instructor, Nick Bradley brings you some key points for gaining that pure roll on your putts.

Pure Roll
Nick Bradley Picture Golf tip 7
Golf Tip 7: Nick Bradley's Be an Escape Artist

Nick Bradley gives tips on how to escape the bunker and get the ball closer to the pin.

Be an Escape Artist
Nick Bradley Golf tip
Golf Tip 8: Nick Bradley Talks About Your Torso

Get tips on how to turn your torso to match the speed and distance you wish to use when hitting your pitch shots.

Turn your Torso
Nick Bradley Golf Tip
Golf Tip 9: Nick Bradley Helps with High Flop Bunker Shots

Nick Bradley helps you with high flop bunker shots. Make sure you set your face!

Set Your Face
Nick Bradley Golf Tip Tobacco Road
Golf Tip 10: Nick Bradley Helps with Loose and Firm Sand Bunker Shots

On loose sand remember to be a lightning conductor.

Loose and Firm Bunker Shots
Nick Bradley
Golf Tip 11: Nick Bradley has Advice on Driving the Ball on Windy Days

Driving the ball in windy conditions

Windy Day Drives
Nick Bradley Putting
Golf Tip 12: Nick Bradley's "Hold and Hold" to Knock Down Putts

Hold the putter head through the ball and hold your head down.

Hold and Hold on Putts