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Weddings in the Sandhills

Congratulations! You’ve waited your whole life for that special day. Whether you choose traditional Southern style or eclectic and unexpected, the Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen area can help make your wedding a day to remember. Have your check list ready, let’s get started planning.
A New Chapter is Beginning

For the ceremony you’ll find a wide variety of churches and chapels in all denominations, ranging from historic to contemporary.

Reception options range from resort ballrooms just steps from the links and a one-of-a-kind, historic fairbarn at the Pinehurst Harness Track to a charming arts-themed estate established a century ago. Keep looking, and you’ll also find a huge assortment of restaurants, farms and meeting spaces.

Distinctive Locations for Weddings & Events
Duncraig Manor and Gardens in Southern Pines, NC.
Romantic Accommodations Abound

Step back in time at Pinehurst’s nostalgic Holly Inn or the newly-renovated Magnolia Inn. Surround yourself with opulence at the restored and historic Duncraig Manor in Southern Pines. The majestic, century-old Carolina hotel at Pinehurst Resort is called the “Queen of the South” and will make newlyweds feel like royalty. Looking for something unique stay at one of our charming farms Twin Fields, Tangelwood Farm B&B or Rubicon Farm. Keep the whole family together on 6 acres with 3 seperate lodging places hosting over 20 at Cloverfield Farm Bed and Breakfast.

If you are looking for a unique option in the Sandhills to host your wedding visit our Unique Wedding Venues page.


Dazzle your guests with culinary delights from local chefs. Creating memories around the table. Enhance their senses with a special meal as the perfect compliment for your day.


Transportation in the Sandhills can be easy with Kirk Tours & Limousines, they have a variety of options to choose from or take a fairy tale ride in a carriage with Carriage Tours of Pinehurst Village.

Fun Before the Wedding

The Big Day is proceeded with many fun smaller events- engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, bachelor party,and rehearsal dinner. So many ways to celebrate here in the Sandhills. Golf fun, Trolley Booze Cruise, elegant luncheons, art & history and Moore!

Add a special touch

Adding a special touch to a wedding can make the event more memorable and unique. Here are some ideas to help you add that special touch:

  1. Personalized Vows: Encourage the couple to write their own vows. Personalized vows are heartfelt and allow the couple to express their love and commitment in their own words.
  2. Unique Ceremony Venue: Consider choosing a non-traditional venue for the ceremony, such as a botanical garden, beach, rooftop, or a meaningful location that holds significance for the couple.
  3. Customized Decorations: Incorporate personalized elements into the decorations. This can include monogrammed signage, custom-made centerpieces, or incorporating the couple’s favorite colors or themes. Or add a local flare to your wedding at Against the Grain Shoppe. For something fun check out La Fete or Holly Pop in Aberdeen.
    1. We have a plethora of highly talented local florists.
  4. Meaningful Rituals: Include meaningful rituals or traditions that reflect the couple’s heritage or values. For example, a sand ceremony, a handfasting ritual, or a unity candle ceremony can add a special touch.
  5. Surprise Entertainment: Plan unexpected entertainment during the reception. It could be a live band, a surprise performance, or even a fireworks display.
    1. Be sure to think about lighting and sound.
  6. Signature Cocktails: Create signature cocktails that represent the couple’s personalities or include their favorite flavors. Serve these drinks during the reception to give a unique touch.
  7. Personalized Favors: Provide personalized wedding favors for your guests. It could be something meaningful, such as a customized photo frame, a small plant, or a homemade treat.
  8. Interactive Guest Activities: Incorporate interactive activities for your guests to enjoy during the reception. For example, a photo booth with props, a DIY cocktail station, or a guestbook where attendees can leave personal messages or drawings.
  9. Surprise Speeches or Performances: Coordinate surprise speeches or performances by close friends or family members. It could be a heartfelt speech, a musical performance, or a dance routine that celebrates the couple.
  10. Thoughtful Details: Pay attention to the little details that can make a big impact. Consider personalized place cards, unique table settings, or handwritten thank-you notes for each guest.
  11. Offer something special for guests like a ride on The Sandhills Trolley, forest bathing to relax or a trip to the Spa at Pinehurst Resort.

Remember, the key is to personalize the wedding experience to reflect the couple’s tastes and preferences. Adding these special touches will make the day even more memorable and meaningful for everyone involved.

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