Moore County Trails

Moore County Trails

Did you know that 2023 was the Year of the Trail in North Carolina? In Moore County, there are plenty of trails for all of us to explore! This year is an open invitation for hikers, bikers, riders and paddlers. Our paths and trails throughout the Sandhills are places of relaxation and recreation, connecting all of us to the great outdoors. North Carolina is the Great Trails State, and Moore County is one of the best places around to get out there and see all of our natural beauty and rare flora and fauna. Moore County boasts dozens of trails with a variety of difficulties from beginner to expert. Where do you plan to start your Year of the Trail adventure? Take a look at the list of trails below and get out there with family and friends! Bring a camera to share all the sights and memories along the way. More fun ways to enjoy Moore County Trails

  • The walking trails listed below will be locations for finding our exclusive glass blown pinecones during our Pinecone Pathways Program from The First Day of Spring until Earth Day each year
  • Sandhills Story Trail Adventures located at Cameron’s Phillips Memorial Park
  • Share your trail pics with us by using #MooreCountyTrails
  • Remember to Practice Leave No Trace Principles
    1. Plan Ahead and Prepare. Always let at least one other person know where you are going, who you are going with and when you expect to return.
    2. Stay on the Trails.
    3. Dispose of waste properly- not all our trails have trash cans on them.
    4. Leave what you find- except a glass blown pinecone- you can keep that!
    5. Minimize fire risks- please refrain from smoking or vaping on trails.
    6. Respect Wildlife we have many special wildlife native to our area and want them to be here for generations.
    7. Be considerate of Others- keep dogs on a leash, keep noises to a minimum and our trails clean of trash.

Moore County Trails Checklist & Guidelines

Explore Moore Trails

Aberdeen Lake Park
Aberdeen Lake Park

Enjoy this 1.5 mile trail around Aberdeen Lake. Bathrooms are located at the Recreation Center.

Aberdeen Lake Park Trail Map

Aberdeen Lake Park
Aberdeen Ray's Mill Park

Enjoy a quick outing with a beautiful background pond on this short .2 mile loop trail. Walk around 5x= 1 mile. There are Picnic tables and you can do an Eco Explorer activity. No bathrooms.

Rays Mill Map

Ray's Mill Park
Cameron Phillips Memorial Park & Trail

Phillips Memorial Park is a hidden gem in Cameron, known for its famous antique festivals the first weekends of May and October as well as shopping through the week. The park is located on 24 acres of a repurposed farm pasture and hay field including widely-spaced trees, a small pecan tree grove and a two acre fishing pond. The gently rolling topography makes for an excellent stroll on the 1.4 miles of trails around the picturesque pond and beside the pecan grove. Park benches are spaced throughout the park. Bathrooms are available as well as a picnic shelter which can reserved for a fee at Cameron Town Hall at 247 Carter Street.  Park is open from 8:00 am until sunset.

Map of the Trail in the Park

Cameron Trail
Carthage Nancy Kiser Park Trail & Born Learning Trail

This short trail can be enjoyed by all, consisting of a series of learning activities that any adult can play with young children in nature’s classroom.

Map of Trail in the Park

Carthage Trail
Foxfire Green Park Trail

Enjoy a walking trail  more than one mile in length located in a large wooded area on the park site. Foxfire Village and Foxfire residents maintain the trails.

Foxfire Green Park Trail Map

Foxfire Trail
Nick's Creek Trail

The Nick’s Creek Reservoir, owned by the Town of Carthage, is surrounded by a greenway trail maintained by Southern Pines and that connects to Reservoir Park. This 1.8 mile greenway starts with a view of Nick’s Creek Reservoir and travels down to join 2.7 mile Forest Creek Trail. The trail head features ample parking. No bathrooms. Nick’s Creek will be home to the first Sandhills Story Trail Adventures in 2023.

Map of Nick’s Creek Trail 

Nick's Creek
Pinebluff Delano Lake Park Trail

The lake is open seasonally, but the trail is open year around. There are picnic tables available. The lake is smaller, but the trail is easy with a beautiful view and mostly shaded.

Map of Delano Park Trail 

Pinebluff Lake Trail
Pinebluff Nature Trail

This trail is great for hiking and walking, and is considered a more less traveled trail. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash. No bathrooms.

Map of Pinebluff Nature Trail

Pinebluff Nature Trail
Pinebluff Well Springs Trail

The Well Springs Trail is the  newest trail in Pinebluff. They are adding a parking area and trail markers in Spring 2024. There are no bathrooms at this location.

Well Springs Trail Pinebluff
Pinehurst Green Trail

Miles of fun and enjoyment can be found exploring the beautiful Village of Pinehurst with an extensive greenway trail system.

Village of Pinehurst Greenway Map

Map of the green Trail

Pinehurst Green Trail
Pinehurst Rassie Wicker Trails

Over 3 miles of trails that interconnect with Pinehurst Greenway trail system. No bathrooms at this trailhead, but there are bathrooms located at the park nearby.

Map of Rassie Wicker

Rassie Wicker Trail
Pinehurst Village Arboretum Trails

Walking trails and three rustic bridges connect to the Village Greenway System and are used daily for jogging, walking, and dog walking. Bathroom facilities are available. Featuring 40 varieties of flowering trees including Dogwoods, Peach trees, Cherry trees, Redbuds, Plum trees, Witch Hazel, Quince and Fig.

Arboretum Map

Village Arboretum Trail
Robbins Bear Cat Loop at Elise Middle School

1 mile loop. Located on the back left side of Elise Middle School enjoyed by all. No bathroom facilities located at this trail head. Close to downtown businesses in lovely Robbins.

Bear Creek Map


Bear Cat Loop
Robbins Bear Creek Trail System

Over 14 miles of trails located along scenic Bear and Cabin Creek. You can kayak, canoe and disc golf in this beautiful area located in the northern part of Moore County. A port-a-john is located at the start of the trail, several picnic tables to enjoy.

Map of the Robbins Bear Creek Trail System 

Additional map of Bear Creek Trail System

Robbins Trails
Robbins Mill Pond Trail

A nice .5 mile walk around Mill Pond. There are picnic tables and a grill for enjoyment. No bathroom facilities.

155 S. Shore Drive Robbins, NC
Robbins Mill Pond Trail

Mill Pond Trail
10 Great Things to Do
Sandhills Horticultural Gardens

Thirty-two acres of Gardens and the natural environment of the Sandhills region of North Carolina for everyone to enjoy. Bathrooms located at the Welcome Center.

Map of the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens

SCC Horticultural Gardens
Iconic Bridge at Reservoir Park
Southern Pines Reservoir Park

This popular 2.0 mile loop trail is around a 95 acre picturesque lake. Two covered picnic shelters with grills and picnic tables are available first-come, first serve or to reserve by permit. Bathrooms on the trail.

Reservoir Map

Southern Pines Greenway Map

SP Reservoir Park
Southern Pines Whitehall Trail

This 157 acre park offers a 2 mile natural trail, deciduous trees, longleaf pine forests, and acres of grassy fields. Whitehall trail traverses hills and streams to connect with Reservoir Park Greenway near the Disc Golf Course. Watch for fox squirrels and endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. No bathrooms.

Whitehall Tract map

Southern Pines Greenway Map

Whitehall Trail
Vass: Cameron Irby Memorial Park

This short walk is a nice moment of reflection at the Memorial Garden, located right in the heart of Vass. No bathrooms. Coming Soon the updated Vass Park will have a beautiful hiking/walking loop around the park. See the Map Here

Cameron Irby Memorial Garden Information 

Vass Trail
Weymouth Center

26 acres of beauty to explore on the grounds of the Weymouth Center, home of the NC Literary Hall of Fame. The grounds are open to the public. No public bathrooms. Great place for taking pictures and a leisurely walk. Decide to venture father? Access to NC State Park Weymouth Woods Boyd Tract from behind Weymouth Center.

Enjoy this fun Scavenger Hunt at Weymouth Center 


Map of the Boyd Tract

Weymouth Center
Weymouth Woods

Welcoming visitors to experience the longleaf pine forests that once covered millions of acres in the southeastern United States. Bathrooms at the Welcome Center.

Paint Hill/Boyd Tract Maps

Weymouth Woods Preserve Map

Weymouth Woods
Weymouth Woods Boyd Tract

You can find this 1 mile trailhead behind Weymouth Center. This will lead you to the WORLD’s oldest longleaf pine and more. No bathroom facilities. There are a few picnic benches for enjoyment by all.

Boyd Tract Map
Weymouth Woods Paint Hill Tract

Located in the back part of a subdivision there is limited parking and no bathrooms. However, this 1.5 mile tract is waiting to be explored.

Paint Hill Tract Map
National Athletic Village

The National Athletic Village trails do have a fee, but offer many other activities to enjoy.