Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery

Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery

Our passion is to bring you uniquely creative art for daily living. Pottery Mugs, Bowls, Pitchers, and Casserole Dishes; Dinnerware sets that serve your body and nourish your soul, Sculptural vessels that contain our imagination, and simple vases that display your flowers.

After meeting in New Hampshire, Michele’s home State, we packed our pottery studio into an old BlueBird school bus.

We moved to North Carolina, where Jeff grew up and began the potter’s life. “It was always been my plan to be a Seagrove Potter, ever since my high school art class  field trip to Seagrove  in the 70’s.”  We’re located at the corner of the Old Plank Road on  Highway 705, just at the edge of town. We make pots here, independently as well as collaboratively. Living the dream and making pottery in this community of 100+ potters is truly a joy and inspiration. Visit our website http://www.Gypsypotters.Net

Jeff Brown

“Pottery making is addictive. I have always known that I would create useful art for daily living”
…Better Living Through Handmade Pottery … It’s More than a job, It’s a lifestyle…Read More

Michele Hastings

“Living in a community of ceramic artists has inspired me to stretch the boundaries of my work in clay.”

…Living The Dream in Seagrove, NC

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