Railhouse Brewery

Railhouse Brewery

It is said the during the times of the Transcontinental Railroad and the American westward expansion, the presence of a train depot could bring a city or town economic prosperity.  In recent times, the same can be said about craft breweries. Across America small towns are being revitalized by the efforts of start-up breweries and the attraction that they bring into the local communities such as Aberdeen, North Carolina where Railhouse Brewery is based.

Railhouse Brewery is owned by Army, Navy, and Air Force veterans and is distributed in North & South Carolina, Georgia, and South Korea. Our iconic American Flag bottle caps distinguish us on the shelves of local grocers and bottle shops as does our focus on malted barley providing balanced beers to the masses. In addition, we have partnered with the KA-BAR knife company of Olean, New York to co-brand our english brown ale. A company over 100 years old with a storied legacy, and iconic knife design which is the best known knife in the world.

The Brewery originally opened its doors to the public in December 2010 introducing locals to flavorful craft beer. The two original founders of the brewery, Brian Evitts (veteran of the U.S. Navy) and Mike Ratkowski (veteran of the U.S. Army)  met as managers of the same company.

We’re proud to call North Carolina home and love making beer!

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