Rossy AI Travel Planner FAQs

Rossy AI Travel Planner FAQs

Rossy AI Travel Planner FAQs

Q: What is Rossy AI Travel Planner?
A: Rossy AI is a generative/conversational chatbot that is designed to assist website visitors with area information and travel planning.

Q: How does Rossy AI work?
A: Rossy AI works similar to a chatbot or live chat feature on the website. A user would interact by selecting a topic from the Rossy AI Travel Planner menu or by typing a question related to the Moore County area. NOTE: Rossy AI is not a search tool. One word inputs or incomplete sentences may not return desired results.

Q: Where does Rossy AI get local business listings from?
A: All local business information across Moore County is pulled directly from Google and the web site. It is important that Google business profiles are up-to-date for information to be displayed accurately.

Q: Why isn’t Rossy AI always accurate?
A: Rossy AI is continuously evolving and learns from data, which can be incomplete or biased. We’re constantly working to improve accuracy, but sometimes Rossy AI may misunderstand your question or give incomplete information.

Q: What happens if Rossy AI gives me wrong information?
A: Please report any inaccuracies or misleading information to us by clicking the “Report Issue” button or contacting us directly. Your feedback helps us improve Rossy AI’s accuracy.

Q: Rossy AI didn’t understand my question.
A: Try rephrasing your question in a different way. Be specific and avoid using slang or jargon. You can also try using keywords related to your topic.

Q: Rossy AI gave me an irrelevant answer.
A: If the answer doesn’t seem relevant, provide more context or rephrase your question. Sometimes providing additional information can help Rossy AI understand your intent better.

Q: Rossy AI couldn’t find the information I’m looking for.
A: Try using different keywords or search terms. You can also browse our website or contact us directly for further assistance.

Q: The information that Rossy AI provided is outdated.
A: Please let us know about outdated information by clicking the “Report Issue” button or contacting us directly. We appreciate your help in keeping our content accurate.

Q: How can I help improve Rossy AI’s accuracy?
A: Please provide feedback on your experience by clicking the “Feedback” button or contacting us directly.

Q: What are you doing to improve Rossy AI’s accuracy?
A: We’re constantly working on improving Rossy AI’s algorithms, training data, and understanding of natural language. We also value your feedback to identify areas for improvement.

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