Golf Tips with Nick Bradley

Episode 2

Episode 2: Golf Tips with Nick Bradley

In an exclusive series with the Home of American Golf, world-renowned golf instructor Nick Bradley is providing valuable golf tips for you to improve your enjoyment of the game.

Nick recently moved to the Pinehurst, NC area and has been named the director of instruction at Traditions Golf Academy, the No. 1 elite juniors golf school in the United States, located at the prestigious Forest Creek Golf Club.

In this golf tip, Nick talks about a simple 100-110 yard wedge shot that at times may not be so simple. Maybe it is a well protected green with bunkers where the ball must fly over them to reach the green. Or, maybe it is an elevated green which sometimes makes the amateur golf attempt to “lift” the ball instead of allowing the club to do the work.

The key is these situations is your finish. If you finish you swing low, the ball after being struck will fly low. If you finish high, the ball will reach its highest trajectory and have a better chance of landing soft and near the flagstick, if you are accurate in your execution.

Try this technique during your practice sessions and remember this tip when you are on the course and ready to face that challenging 100-110 yard approach shot with more confidence.

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