Destination Trip Tips

Destination Trip Tips


Trail Town – Destination Trip Tips with Ashley, Moore County Destination Services Manager


More About Ashley: Originally from Arizona, Ashley moved to Moore County in 2007 to purchase a bed and breakfast. She spearheaded the Pinecone Pathways campaign where she became very familiar with the trails in Moore County. Ashley enjoys the outdoors, volunteering, learning new skills at work and home, and spending time with her family anywhere.


Q: Most overlooked area to recreate?
A: Robbins Bear Creek Trails in Robbins, NC.

Q: What’s your favorite season to recreate in Moore County, NC and why?
A: Autumn or Spring. The leaves change colors in magnificent hues amongst the evergreen of the mighty longleaf pines. The cooler weather, less bugs, and falling leaves set the tone for the perfect backdrop. In the Spring, the weekly unearthing of new growth and beautiful spring flowers emerging daily is a true sight to behold. The sounds of the wind through the trees, the emersion of wildlife from their winter slumber, and the birds singing their spring songs echoing sweetly on our trails.

Q: What level of experience is needed to recreate at Bear Creek Trails?
A: Bear Creek Trails are for beginners to seasoned hikers and mountain bike riders. Trails are marked with colored markings on trees. There are over 14 miles to recreate with two creeks meandering through the trail system. There is a large reservoir that is an easy walk around for novice hikers.

Q: How long should you plan on visiting Bear Creek Trails?

A: From 15 minutes to all day bear creek trails can be explored on your own time. If you only have a few minutes for a quick walk, the creek has quick and easy access and there is always free ample parking. There are no camping areas so you would need to pack in and out on the same day.

Q: What sets Bear Creek Trails apart from other recreation destinations?
A: Bear Creek Trails are maintained mostly by the family that owns the land. Every trail was created from their love and sweat. The trails are in a rural part of Moore County in the town of Robbins and the trails are much less traveled than our trails in the southern part of the county.

Q: What is unique about the facilities and infrastructure?
A: There is a disc golf course on the trails, a small rock-climbing wall for kids, picnic tables by the creek and one port-o-john.

Q: How do you plan ahead and prepare for your recreational activity at Bear Creek Trails and elsewhere in Moore County?
A: Pack healthy snacks and a water bottle. Wear sensible clothes especially during tick season including a hat.

Q: What piece of outdoor equipment is your must-have?

A: A cell phone in case you need to call for help. Sunscreen and a hat. You don’t need any special gear to hike the trails. There are areas if you would like to kayak.

Q: How do you put one Outdoor NC Leave No Trace principle in action before/during/or after your activity?
A: I always bring a bag for trash I may encounter on the trails or create myself.

Q: Favorite place to visit before or after an outdoor adventure for a meal/coffee/or another beverage in Moore Co?

A: If I am in Robbins headed to Bear Creek Trails I would stop by Simply Coffee and let my sense of smell guide me next door to Middleton Street Bakeshop for any fresh treat they have just baked and a few homemade pretzels to take home. Looking to stay in the heart of a small southern town? I would recommend Solomon’s Inn in Robbins situated right next door to the bakery.

Q: Share a unique place to stay in the area. Why would you recommend these accommodation?

A: Old Buggy Inn is one of the most unique places to stay in Moore County. It is a beautiful restored Victorian inn located in the heart of downtown Carthage, Moore County’s County seat. It’s a central location to Northern Moore County which is where our farms are and has a more rural quiet feel and all the activities in the Pinehurst, Southern Pines Aberdeen area.

Q: Other overlooked and under-visited locations in the area to see while in town?

A: The oldest longleaf pine tree in the world is in North Carolina State Park Weymouth Woods in Southern Pines. It is a must see and a short hike through a beautiful forest.

Q: What is your ‘can’t miss experience’ in the area?

A: Red’s Corner, the first Food Truck Rodeo in North Carolina. Red’s Corner offers a variety of choices of food trucks in a relaxed environment. It reminds me of an updated “Cheers” where locals and visitors have a place to belong.

Insider Tip: Visit the area Thursday-Saturday for the best experience.  Be sure to check out the activities and events on our website as the area offers fun and unique things to do all year.