Fairway Farm 

Welcome to Fairway Farm.  Established in 2015, we offer five varieties of Rabbiteye Blueberries and three varieties of Southern Highbush Blueberries.  We are building our  vineyard with Muscadine and Concord grapes.  We…

The Sarcastic Sow Farm

The SSF is home to three generations of farmers.  Our goals are to raise animals on pasture and to restore the health of our land through regenerative agriculture practices.  All of our animals are rotated to fresh pastures frequently within our 12 acres.

Pedal Pub of the Pines

As an industry-leading party bike company, Pedal Pub aims to provide a fun, safe, eco-friendly tour experience to millions of customers annually. We encourage people to be fearless, pursue their true passions, and enjoy a cold-one every once in a while. Be Fearless, Not Beerless! ™

Slow Farm

Slow Farm is a regenerative farm in Cameron NC that’s rebuilding the fertility and natural abundance of a 47-acre former tobacco farm using natural techniques and eco-friendly livestock (kunekune pigs, brush goats, ancona ducks, geese, heritage chickens and guineas). Each livestock species and breed has been thoughtfully matched to our land’s resources and deficits in order to do the most good with as few inputs possible.