Kid You Not

Dan Van Horn was an engineer living in Atlanta and raising a family of three in the mid-1990s when it struck him how well the baseball equipment industry addressed the youth market and how poorly the golf industry was positioned for its junior players.

“You could buy a lightweight bat that felt great in a kid’s hands, but golf clubs were just crude, sawed-off clubs that were still too heavy and had shafts too stiff for a kid’s strength,” he says. “My kids weren’t having any fun with golf.”

Romancing Pinehurst

Rekindle the romance that’s missing from your everyday life with a visit to the Pinehurst and Southern Pines area. Sometimes you just have to get away to create some excitement. This region known as the Home of American Golf boasts plenty of personality to fit everyone.

Insider Golf Tips

From the latest golf tip videos from some of the area’s best pros, to some insider scoop on what’s happening at the area’s courses, check out the latest below as you plan your getaway to The Home of American Golf.