St. Andrews Clubhouse

From Cradle to Cradle

Nothing in 30 years has changed my early opinions: Pinehurst is the spiritual home of golf in the United States and St. Andrews the spiritual home of golf in Scotland — and for the rest of the world. There are no two places on earth where the senses are so saturated by golf. For all the traits they share, Pinehurst and its surrounding communities and St. Andrews with its web of proximate villages could be considered first cousins, perhaps even siblings. Yet their differences highlight how special and unique each destination is.

Girlfriend Getaways

There’s nothing like an amazing weekend away with your best group of girlfriends. If you’re looking for spas, shopping, unique experiences, and great food, the Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen area has all of that, plus a lot more. So, grab your girlfriends and load up for a weekend of fun!