Nick’s Creek: Page 2: Pooh’s Sandhills Story Trail Adventures

Nick’s Creek: Page 2: Pooh’s Sandhills Story Trail Adventures




“It’s an invitation of course!” Said Owl grumpily. 

“Wonderful … Of course!” said Pooh. “How do you know?” 

“Because it says here, ‘Everyone is invited.’ And since it says that we’re invited, that means it’s an invitation. Case closed.” Said Owl proudly, puffing up his feathers.

“Oh lovely. Um. To what…? and when? Also where is everyone invited?” asked Pooh. 

Owl sighed angrily and rolled his eyes all the way around as though that should be perfectly obvious. Then he leaned very close to the letter and squinted very hard. When that didn’t work he tried tilting his head sideways. That seemed to do the trick, and he began reading very slowly, perhaps for dramatic effect,  “Everyone is invited to a Birthday Party for the Oldest Longleaf Pine Tree in the Whole Wide World… today!” Then he looked up and said, “Of course.” 

“Oh my! She must be at least ten years old,” said Pooh, because Owl was the oldest person he knew and he was nine.  

“Oh my dear boy, she is Four Hundred and Seventy Five years old!”

“What does Four hundred and sebendy five mean?” 

“Very old indeed,” said Owl. 

“Will you be there?”

“Of course!”


“There, of course. At the party.” 

“Ah yes, of course. . . and the party will be. . . where?”

“Well the only place it could be – at the tree herself. It’s no good inviting trees anywhere other than where they already are, you see.” Owl waddled toward the door, to show Pooh out. 

“Well good day,” said Pooh cheerily. “Oh bother! Owl, if nobody else can read, how will they find out about the party?!” 

“Well you will have to tell them  of course.” said Owl as he pushed Pooh out the door. “Very busy, you see. Much to think about. Good day too you.”

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