Nick’s Creek: Page 11: Pooh’s Sandhills Story Trail Adventures

Nick’s Creek: Page 11: Pooh’s Sandhills Story Trail Adventures




While everyone was carrying on about the baby Long Leaf Pine Trees, Eeyore got to feeling left out. He noticed that the pine tree was also left out and so he went and gave her his present, a ribbon, which he tied to one of her branches. As he tied it he told her the story of how he got his ribbon and how he’d grown to like it so. He finished with, “You are a very good listener.” 

Rabbit noticed that Eeyore had begun the gift giving and brought the pine tree his present next. Everyone took turns giving the Pine Tree their presents. She accepted them all graciously, even though she didn’t know quite what to do with some of them, especially Tigger, who hugged her for a very long time. Finally Pooh approached with his empty pot. 

“I’m sorry,” said Winnie-the-Pooh, “I meant to bring you honey, the bees were kind enough to share it and Piglet and I got the most lovely honey pot from Kanga and Roo. And by the time we’d visited Rabbit and – I also walked to Owl’s by the way, and I say – you are a very good listener. . . and anyhow I’m sorry because I  got hungry and ate it.” 

He looked down into his empty pot. The Pine Tree whispered something but Pooh couldn’t quite make it out, “Excuse me, what was that? I had some lint in my ear.”

Kanga stepped forward, “ I believe she said you brought the best present of all.”

“I see”, said Pooh, even though he didn’t. 

Roo took Pooh by the hand and said, “you’ve brought her all of us.” 

“Woohoo! Three Cheers for Pooh!” cheered Tigger. Everyone clapped a great applause. The Pinetree and all her friends began whispering excitedly. 

A single pine’s cone dropped to the ground near Pooh’s feet. He picked it up and put it gently in the empty honey pot. “Thank you”, said Winnie-the-Pooh, because he is a polite bear. 

 “Let’s all sing the Happy Birthday song together, as loud as we can,” said Kanga. 

“Yay!” Roo loves singing happy birthday, especially as loud as he can.

They all joined hands around the Tree and sang the Happy Birthday Song as loud as they could.  

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you, 

Happy Birthday dear Pine Tree,

Happy Birthday to you! 

Where to stay and visit Pooh, friends and the longleaf pine trees of the Sandhills.

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