Nick’s Creek: Page 5: Pooh’s Sandhills Story Trail Adventures

Nick’s Creek: Page 5: Pooh’s Sandhills Story Trail Adventures






Kanga and Roo lived in a lovely little shack where they made pots called “a pottery”. It wasn’t very tidy. There were spackles and daubs and flecks of dried mud everywhere. It wasn’t tidy, but every part was well loved and well used. 

“Hallo Kanga!” cried Pooh, “and hullo Roo, too!” 

Roo bounded out and invited them inside. Kanga was sitting at a wheel turned on its side, like a small table. The wheel was spinning very fast, propelled by a pedal below her powerful jumping paw. Upon the wheel was a spinning lump of mud. 

“What are you spinning that mud for?” asked Pooh. 

“It’s special mud, called clay,” said Kanga. ” I’m turning it into a pot.” 

“Oh, I see,” said Pooh, even though he didn’t. 

Then Kanga put her paw into the middle of the mud and, like magic, a pot began to appear.

“Oh m-m-my! It’s spinning ever so fast,” said Piglet. 

“It’s fun to ride!,” said Roo happily. Piglet turned white. 

“And when are you going to ride the wheel again?” Kanga asked Roo. 

“Never”, he grumbled. 

“That’s right.” She went back to finishing her pot. 

“Why do you make pots?” Pooh asked, since it all seemed quite a bother. 

“Pots are vessels,” explained Kanga, as the spinning clay grew more pot-like. “We’re all vessels of one sort or another. It makes me happy to fill the world with good ones.”

“I see,” said Pooh, even though he didn’t. ” Do you have any vessels that can be filled with honey?” 

“Why, of course dear! Roo, fetch Pooh a honey pot, won’t you?”  Roo left and came back with the most lovely honey pot you’ve ever seen. 

“Thank you!” said Pooh, because he is a polite bear. 

“Oh dear! I nearly forgot!” burst Piglet, ” you are both invited to a very special party!” And he told them all about the party and the tree and they agreed to go. Then they said goodbye because they all had much to do. 

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