Nick’s Creek: Page 4: Pooh’s Sandhills Story Trail Adventures

Nick’s Creek: Page 4: Pooh’s Sandhills Story Trail Adventures



“We’ll need to think of presents,” said Piglet.

“Well now. . . !” Pooh wasn’t very good at thinking of things. “What sorts of things do Pine Trees like for their birthdays?”

” Well… .I-I don’t know. They’ve never told me. But when I don’t know what someone likes I find it best to assume that they like the kinds of things that I like,”  a good rule of thumb, “so why don’t we bring her what we like best on our birthdays?” 

“That’s a very good idea, Piglet! At least it sounds good. I’m not terribly good at telling good ideas from bad ones.” Pooh scratched his ear.  “What was the idea?”

“That we could bring her our favorite things. What is my favorite thing?”

“What about a balloon?”, asked Pooh. “Nobody can be uncheered by a balloon.”

“Wonderful! Balloons are my favorite!” Piglet blushed at the thought of balloons. “What would you like as a present, Pooh?”

“That’s easy, Piglet. What I love is eating, and the best thing to eat is honey!”

“It’s decided then. We need honey and a balloon!”

“And a honey pot.” added Pooh. “Because honey is not easy to carry in your hands because it always winds up in your tummy.” 

So they got a balloon from Piglet’s pantry, because he always kept at least one good balloon in case of emergencies. Then they set off for Kanga’s House, because whenever the Hundred Acre Woods is in the Sandhills, Kanga’s house is in the Sea of Groves, where pots are made. While they walked they sang, because walking and singing go so well together.  

Pooh sang:

On an adventure with my best friend, what could be better,

Isn’t this Grand?

And Piglet sang:

On a walk with Winnie the Pooh

With my favorite Red Balloon!  

It’s worth pointing out that it was just a normal Red Balloon, but Piglet decided as he sang that it would be his favorite. And it was his favorite, just like that. 

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