Meet the Makers

Southern Pines resident Ashley Tramontin opened Against the Grain Shoppe in 2019 to give local makers a platform to showcase their products. “We’re a hub for local business owners,” Tramontin says. “The idea is to give small businesses a storefront and a place to grow their businesses.”

The shop, in downtown Southern Pines, carries North Carolina-made home goods and gifts. Curated with care, the shelves are filled with bath and body products, ceramic pieces, jewelry, tea towels, stained glass, woodwork, and other kitchen and gift items. Tramontin recently started a pantry section featuring locally made chocolates, baking mixes, honey, pecans, and snacks.

No Putter, No Problem

In a moment of weakness, you agreed to a long weekend in Pinehurst with someone special who loves to golf. Now you’re not sure what to do with your free time if it doesn’t involve tee times, golf pro shops, and discussions about handicaps and strokes.

Luckily, Pinehurst and its surrounding towns are destinations with distinct qualities unrelated to golf – and all within a short drive. From walking along tree-lined streets, browsing antique shops, or visiting potters’ studios, the golf-resistant tourist will find plenty to see and do in Moore County.