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Tot Hill Farm

Tot Hill Farm

Pinehurst and the Maples family are indelibly intertwined, and more so with this Ellis Maples design. Opened in 1961, No. 5 holds true to a key Ross feature – Mother Nature as the best guide in golf architecture. The course has more water hazards to negotiate than any other course at Pinehurst. What you’ll see is a lot of variety in the layout – uphill and downhill, left-to-right and right-to-left, long and short par fours. Overall, it is a very playable, enjoyable 18 holes that will not disappoint.

Mike’s intent on providing visually stunning and challenging designs came from his hero of golf course architecture, Dr. Alistair MacKenzie. From MacKenzie’s book The Spirit of St. Andrews, he noted, ‘It frequently happens the best holes give rise to the most bitter controversy. It is largely a question of the spirit in which the problem is approached, depending on the player. Whether he looks at it from the ‘card and pencil’ point of view and condemns anything that disturbs his steady series of 3’s or 4’s, or whether he approaches it in the ‘spirit of adventure.’ Tot Hill Farm is 100% adventure, yet as Strantz stated, is extremely playable for all skill levels.

Enjoy the day surrounded by breathtaking beauty. Soak up the precious time with your friends, and don’t look at the day from the ‘card and pencil’ point of view. Go. Make memories instead. The Unforgettable Starts Here.


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